Welcome to the Campopiano Group website. We are based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh (Kings Buildings). Our lab combines synthetic chemistry, protein chemistry and microbiology to understand and characterise various essential and interesting proteins, enzymes and natural products from mammals and bacteria. We specialise in the cloning and over-expression of target genes, and the structural and mechanistic characterisation of the encoded proteins. 

Christmas 2019_edited.jpg

Campopiano Group at our 2019 Christmas meal.

Back: Dom, Catherine, Zenam, Richard, Ben, Alexis, Silvia, Dan, Matt, Shona, Rhona, Ahmed, Amanda

Front: Alice, Eva, Gary, Michael


Congratulations to our Italian bio-cats Annabel and Silvia for publishing their first paper on an aminotransferase in RSC Catalysis Science & Technology. An impressive 18 days from submission to being on line. See here

July 2020

Congratulations to Catherine on her talk at Amine Biocatalysts in Stuttgart, Germany.

Congratulations to Shona on and Michael (University of Manchester) on their review. Harnessing and engineering amide bond forming ligases for the synthesis of amides. See here

February 2020

Welcome to Zenam, Rhona and Alice, our new PhD students.

September 2019


Piera, Shona and Noor's paper is finally out! Make sure to check it out here!

August 5th 2019

Well done to Alexis for great poster presentations at BIOTRANS in Groningen (NL) and the 26th International Symposium: Synthesis in Organic Chemistry in Cambridge!

July 20th 2019

Our summer students have arrived! Welcome to Panayiota and Louise-Marie from UoE and to Eric from University of Connecticut.

June 15th 2019

Congratulations to Ben, Catherine, Shona and Michael for presenting very nice talks and posters at the Organic Section Firbush 2019!

May 30th 2019

Welcome to our spring interns: Chloé from Université Paris Diderot and Camille from Université de Toulouse - Paul Sabatier!

April 1st 2019

Good luck to Silvia who joins Syngenta for a 3 months CRITICAT DTP placement

April 1st 2019

New paper in press from Pete and Van in J.Lipid.Res.! See here

February 25th 2019 

Well done to Dom for addressing the haggis and to Alexis for delivering the Selkirk Grace at the Edinburgh University Chemistry Society Burns Night 2019! More in Pictures

January 26th 2019

Well done to Dr Piera Marchetti for becoming the last doctor of 2018 in the group in 2h11!

November 23rd 2018

Congratulations to Dr Annabel Serpico for passing her viva in 2h24!

November 8th 2018 

Alex's paper on 19F NMR analysis of a DCL has been published in OBC! See here

October 4th 2018 


Good luck to Stacie who goes back to China after a year-long MSc by research!

October 1st 2018 


Welcome to the project & exchange students: Corrie & Enn from UoE and Josh from Haverford College, PA.

September 20th 2018


Welcome to the new PhD students, Shona and Michael!

September 3rd 2018 



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